Relax and dream! All original peaceful guitar instrumentals by Don Thomas.

Thank you for your patience through my creative journey!

I am so grateful for all of your appreciation and look forward to sharing this new release. It has been sent out for pressing and packaging and will be ready to ship very soon. I promise to get them out to all pre-orders (free shipping) as soon as I have them in my hands! I am honored by your appreciation and your patience, and I hope to bring you many more years of peaceful guitar compositions.

Peace through music,
Don Thomas

Thank you to all for inspiring me to create “Cottage Dreams,” and to all of you that believe in me and have placed a pre-order at one of my recent shows. The release date was originally slated for mid-December, but as the creative process has its own timeline, it now looks like it will be shipping by the end of February, 2017.

I have been working in the studio daily to complete the creative writing of the last few songs. It is coming along beautiful, but I wish it to be perfect and will not settle for anything less! I will be sending an email to all pre-order addresses that I have to keep you updated as to the actual ship date. Please contact us HERE if you have any questions, and thank you for your patience and appreciation!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!
Don and Teri

Jan 1 2016

On the road in 2016

We look forward to seeing all our regular customers, and meeting new ones, at our favorite show lineup through summer and fall of 2016! Check our schedule and stop by to say “hello” when we are in your neighborhood, and wish you all a great year!

Don and Teri

May 1 2014


Hymns for the Soul

A compilation of 13 of the most loved hymns from a more peaceful time. Peaceful instrumentals arranged on acoustic guitar. Perfect background for special moments when memories are to be cherished…