the artist

Don began his music career at the age of nine playing in his school band in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Starting with brass instruments, then moving into drums and piano, by the age of 14 he picked up his first guitar. This is where he found his life’s harmony!

Through a kind smile and a soft-spoken demeanor, Thomas continues to share his love for acoustic music. His all original compositions are delicate, light, and clean in structure, exquisitely mesmerizing. Following a two-year national tour across America, he became inspired to advance his experience and the ability to share his own music by learning the art of production and recording. He trained and studied with various music industry professionals while dreaming of building his own recording studio.

He married his wife and soul mate, Teri, and together they moved to New York in 1995 where he built and established his private studio. Designed to enhance his love for acoustic and classical recordings, capturing the warmest tones and cleanest sounds, he continues to create inspirational arrangements that are calm and soothing, and will warm hearts year after year!